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What is this nonsense?
Tasty Lies was an idea born out of frustration, to be honest.  I used to eat frozen meals a lot more and I was often let down because they rarely, if ever, look ANYTHING like the box.  And that’s a bummer.  So I thought “Why not document what they actually look like so I know what I’m getting myself into in the future.”  That quickly transformed into blogging them so others would know, and now we’re here.  And it’s really pretty awesome!  Between myself and my coworkers we cover a LOT of frozen meals and fast/takeout food chains.  However we cannot get to everything and that’s where YOU come in!

Contact Tasty Lies:
Email tastylies [at] gmail [dot] com

For suggestions, please include brand name and meal name. For submissions please include box picture and meal picture, as well as any thoughts and a 5-star scale rating.  If we don’t have it, it’s more than welcome!

Supporting Tasty Lies:
This isn’t the part where I ask you to send me money, because that would be weak. However, if you’re a regular Amazon shopper and you enjoy the site, please consider going to shop on Amazon via one of the banners on the site.  It’s the same store and everything, same prices, but Tasty Lies is credited for bringing you to the site and this receives a small portion of the sale.  And hey, any little bit helps so this is one way I’m attempting to offset web space and domain costs.  Thanks in advance.

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TastyLies.com is an awesome website where all of your culinary dreams come true. If you dream about whether or not a frozen meal looks like the box it comes in. If you do, we're sorry.