Jimmy Dean: D-Lights Turkey Sausage Bowl

Another morning, another breakfast-time Tasty Lie.  A second breakfast entry this week from CoWorker Marissa.  This time it’s a Jimmy Dean bowl.    Thanks to Marissa we’ve had one other Jimmy Dean breakfast that she seemed to enjoy, so let’s hope this is more of the same.

It looks like a pretty substantial bowl, not unlike the one we featured yesterday.  The ham is swapped out for turkey sausage, and Jimmy Dean makes pretty good turkey sausage.  I can’t think of a word other than hearty.  It looks pretty hearty.  A nice little breakfast to kickstart the day.  In reality?

It looks VERY unseasoned.  I’m not sure how well that will work out.  The truth is it LOOKS bland.  That doesn’t mean it will taste bland, it just looks fairly blank.  I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is but it’s missing something that’s on the box.  That said, it looks like a decent portion and all the main ingredients are there.  Meat and potatoes and eggs.  Like yesterday’s, it’s another scramble.  It’s just some stuff thrown together.  How does it taste?

I love this breakfast. It’s actually filling and tastes really good. Just make sure when you stir it, all the cheese doesn’t end up on the bottom. Then it just sticks to the bottom and that’s sad :( The sausage has a little spice to it too. I mean, if you can’t trust Jimmy Dean for a good sausage, who can you trust?

Well, maybe it’s just the photo that makes it so I can’t see cheese.  It’s nice to know there are elements to it I can’t see, as it turns me around on this meal quite a bit.  I’d like to pick one up and try it.

Rating: ★★★★★


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