Lean Cuisine: Philly Style Steak and Cheese Panini Review

In the beginning there was a panini.  It was the first Tasty Lie ever…  And it was weird.  Welcome to the very FIRST Tasty Lie frozen meal review.  The point behind all of this is to essentially compare the box or advert of whatever we are buying to what they are actually serving us.  Sometimes it lines up, sometimes not so much.  This meal is a perfect example of the latter and is actually the inspiration behind this entire site.

When I pulled this from the microwave I had to document with my cell phone camera because I was going to write an entry over on my personal blog to register my sadness.  Then the idea snowballed and became this.  A website dedicated to that sadness.  So let’s take a look!

The box would have you believe this is a pretty delicious and hearty looking sandwich.  Grilled practically to perfection with loads of meat and peppers to go along with the cheese.  The finished product, however, isn’t quite the same…

I mean, where to begin?  It’s a huge mess, the bread is totally trashed (and some of it burned onto the heating disc), it just looks like one of the messiest things ever.  And we haven’t even taken a look inside yet!

Well there you go.  It’s a giant pool of grease.  It just looks disgusting.  And this is a Lean Cuisine meal.  Surely they should have less greasy meals, right?  And the grease permeates the taste as well.  The flavors I can make out through the grease are fine, but just don’t stand out enough to make this worth it.  The bread is decent in some places, but mostly dried out.  This is just a bad meal waiting to happen.  I could easily make a much better panini.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


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