Kashi: Sweet & Sour Chicken

Leave it to CoWorker Derek to keep us flush with healthy meals.  Today he checks in with our second Kashi meal.  I’m excited to see it because, as you might remember, the Kashi Mediterranean Pizza was one of the best things we’ve reviewed on the site.  It was just wonderful.  So let’s take a look at what they can do with Sweet & Sour Chicken.

That looks like a pretty decent meal.  And it looks in line with the thing Kashi does.  Take VERY healthy foods and turn them into a meal.  It’s a nice alternative to what Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice choose to do, which is take regular foods and try to take out as much of the bad as possible to make it low calorie.  It’s an awesome way to go, but how’s the actual meal?

Well, it doesn’t look quite as appetizing on the box, but I like the little touches.  For instance, the grill marks on the green beans is a nice touch.  It looks saucier than it does on the box, and that’s usually a bad sign.  Let’s check with Derek.

Derek said he enjoyed it and would definitely pick it up again.  He likes Kashi granola bars and what not but this was his first time trying out their frozen meals and while it didn’t quite match the box, he was impressed.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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