Taco Bell: Nacho Cheese Gordita Crunch

Hope everyone had a happy holiday week or two.  Things have been a bit busy here at Tasty Lies.  Between the holidays, crazy work schedules, and an impending move there’s just been a lot to do.

I’ll be packing up and moving back out to the west coast next week, so it’s going to continue to be hectic for just a bit.  Luckily once all is settled we’ll be able to continue making Tasty Lies bigger and better.  The crew here in Wisconsin will continue to review things and, being in a different area, I’ll have access to all kinds of things we haven’t been able to try before.  It’ll be awesome!

But let’s focus on today’s Tasty Lie, shall we?  We’ve covered quite a few Taco Bell items on this site.  Some of them, like the Cantina Tacos, never quite made the big impact we had hoped they would.  Others, like the Doritos Locos Taco, have really taken on a life of their own.

Today’s is a bit different.  It’s not some bold, new Taco Bell innovation.  It’s actually one of their old standbys.  Or a variation on one of their standard items, anyway.

The Nacho Cheese Gordita Crunch is a pretty simple idea.  It’s a regular Gordita with the addition of a hard corn shell inside, giving it the crunch.  Marissa tried one of these, so let’s check it out!


Looks pretty tasty for a Taco Bell item.  The easiest way to describe it is it’s a hard shell taco inside of a soft shell taco.  Taco Bell has that item, though.  It’s called the Double Decker.  This one’s a bit different.  The tortilla shell isn’t the normal soft taco flour shell, it’s a bit thicker.  And on the Double Decker there are refried beans between the two taco shells, this Gordita Crunch uses cheese to bind them instead.  Upgrade.  It also features a sauce that’s unique to Gorditas.

What does the actual menu item look like?


Well as is normally the case with Taco Bell, the lettuce overthrows just about everything else.  They seem to pack a ton of lettuce into their items as often as they can.  It’s a smart move, too.  It’s a great, cheap filling.  The actual Gordita soft-shell tortilla is much thicker on the actual product than on the advertisement above.  If you know what you’re getting yourself into with a Gordita it’s not much of a surprise.  But if you don’t know that particular line of food it might catch you off guard.

Let’s see what Marissa though:

I’ll be honest with this one. This taco is about 2 things for me.

  1. It doesn’t come with tomatoes so I don’t have to ask for them off and then find them lurking anyway.
  2. The sauce.

Oh…the sauce. That creamy, spicy, yummy, amazing, delicious Pepper Jack sauce is the only reason I wish for the creepy blue-black Black Jack tacos to come back. I said I was being honest, so here it is: I will probably eat anything they put this sauce on. It makes me SO happy.

Ok, fine. I’ll talk about the stupid vehicle for my sauce now. The Gordita has the fluffy softness surrounding the hard shell. The good thing about this is it helps prevent shell breakage (and we ALL know how annoying that can be). Everything else about it is standard Taco Bell tacoiness. Except for the sauce. Have I told you about the sauce?

Rating: ★★★½☆

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