Stouffer’s: Cheddar Potato Bake

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Today at Tasty Lies we are taking aim at a heaping helping of potatoes and cheese!  Is it good for you?  Hell no.  It’s a bowl of potatoes and cheese.  But it sure looks great.

I’ve noticed that most frozen meal lines have a variation of this meal.  A dish where potatoes are the main draw is nice enough.  Everyone loves cheesy potatoes.  How delicious can your Lean Cuisine potatoes and cheese dish be, though?  After all they have to keep the calories, carbs, and fat down.  Stouffer’s has the elbow room to make with the goods though, so hopefully they do.

Without further ado, the CHEDDAR POTATO BAKE!

This looks like the kind of food you’d make up when it’s raining or snowing outside.  It’s hot, filled with cheese, filling, and just plain hearty.  The addition of bacon makes me a happy camper.  It’s essentially what you’d get if you ordered loaded potato wedges at a bar.  We all know that loaded wedges are the best appetizer, so bless you Stouffer’s for bringing it home to me.

It’s simple.  Just potatoes, cheese sauce, bacon, and what looks like some bread crumbs on top.  Perfect.  Let’s see what it really looks like.


It definitely looks more like a casserole than an appetizer, but it looks downright cheesy!  I’m sold!  Way more bread crumbs than the box would have you believe, but it adds a nice little crust to the top.

The meal itself is actually pretty good.  The potatoes are a little bland, but the combination of the cheese and the bacon more than make up for it.  This isn’t a particularly healthy meal and having it regularly for lunch would be a terrible plan.  That said, it was a nice treat the day I had it.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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