Aunt Jemima: Scrambled Eggs And Sausage With Hash Brown Potatoes

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Breakfast time!  It’s still early morning somewhere in the world so I’m tossing up a breakfast meal.  We’ve had another Aunt Jemima meal before, very similar to this one.  The only difference between the two is where this one has sausage, the other had bacon.  If that meal was any indicator, this one should be okay.

It’s crazy to think that Aunt Jemima dates all the way back to a song in 1875.  And it’s an insane history laced with Vaudeville singers performing in blackface.  Seriously, you should read the history of the Aunt Jemima company, it’s a little nuts.  Racism in corporate America!  Huzzah!

Back to the food, though.  Not a lot of people know Aunt Jemima makes frozen meals, yet everyone knows of the batters and syrup.  In fact after a quick look at the official Aunt Jemima website I can’t even find mention of the frozen meals.  Very strange.  No surprise that there’s no mention of blackface in the company’s history, though.  The company’s history does note that they licensed out their frozen meal rights to another company in 1996, though.  With a little Google magic I was able to find the Aunt Jemima Frozen Meals website, which is far more thorough and better designed than Aunt Jemima’s actual website.

Enough of Aunt Jemima’s weird history, on to her FOOD!

That face, even though it’s not the face of a real person, just looks so inviting.  She wants me to enjoy her breakfast.  And I want to enjoy it.

The meal itself looks pretty decent.  The sausage links look nice and plump, you get a nice pile of scrambled eggs, and then there’s the hash brown bar.  I learned last time we did this that the hash brown in the box is a lot bigger than the one ON the box.  So that’s a nice bonus.  Let’s see the real meal.

This one definitely has more eggs in it than the other one we reviewed.  However they still have that strange yellow tint to them that screams “THESE ARE NOT REAL EGGS, CHRIS.  BE AFRAID.”  The hash brown bar is just as big, which rocks.  The sausage links look as big as they were on the box, which makes me very happy.

The eggs taste better in this than they did in the bacon version of this meal.  They’re not as dry.  The hash brown is, not surprisingly, still pretty soggy.  I like a little crunch to my hash browns but that’s just not there with this one.  The sausage links themselves were nice and hot and pretty tasty, but just a little on the rubbery side.  Bummer.  A decent and cheap breakfast if you’re in a hurry, but it’ll never take the place of the real thing.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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