Amy’s: Shepherd’s Pie

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Shepherd’s Pie is one of the great meals of our time.  You see, pie is delicious.  Pie is amazing.  Shepherd’s Pie takes pie one step further by making it a full-on meal, instead of a dessert.  The Shepherd’s Pie I usually get is filled with root vegetables and beef in some manner of gravy-like sauce.  The pie crust is mashed potatoes.

This sort of thing exists because sometimes the world gets things right.  It’s just a great combination of things topped with a more amazing thing.

Today we have a version of that.  This one is from Amy’s, so it doesn’t have any meat in it.  As a matter of face it’s made from organic ingredients.  That’s Amy’s specialty, their meals are Vegan and Organic.  They’re a nice and healthy alternative to a lot of the things you’ll find on this site so that’s why we like to spotlight them when we can.

This one comes from Christen, let’s check it out!

It actually looks really good.  This one seems to have more of a red sauce than a gravy. It looks more watery than gravy and is likely vegetable-based sauce.  It’s a cool way for it to be different.  Obviously with no meat the makeup of the dish was going to change, but this is a change I like.  I see big chunks of veggies underneath a mashed potato crust.  Please let this work out.  PLEASE.

But I said PLEASE.  Does that mean NOTHING?  Well, it looks like hell.  It doesn’t look like the box.  The box looked delicious.  This looks weird and messy and sad.  I’m not sure what else to even day about it.  Let’s take a look inside.

At least we know there are veggies in there.  The sauce isn’t quite as red as it is on the box but it sure seems to be the same consistency, and is definitely a little greasier.  Maybe this meal isn’t a total loss.  It looks nothing like the box, but maybe the taste makes up for it.  For that, we turn to Christen.

Today I had Amy’s Shepherd’s Pie. The first thing that I have to point out is that this is a meatless Shepherd’s Pie, which just seems wrong right off the bat. But, considering I really like Amy’s meals, and I really like Shepherd’s Pie, I figured this couldn’t turn out too bad.

Cooking it in the microwave was pretty tricky. The directions said to cook for 5 minutes, which I did. The result was overspill and burning on the edges and a cold center. Probably a better idea to cook on a lower power for longer. It’s also possible to toss it in the oven, if you’re around an oven, so I would probably recommend that. Eating this meal was still really enjoyable, though. The flavor was great. I wasn’t really looking forward to the garbanzo beans, but they were cooked really well, so they were soft and actually tasted good. Apparently, there were also turnips, which I’m not sure if I’ve ever had. It sort of had a flavor of all the ingredients mixed together, as opposed to ingredient flavors standing out on their own. Since there was no meat, it kind of tasted similar to a vegetable soup or stew. I don’t think the potatoes had much flavor but definitely added that comfort-food quality. The portion was pretty filling, but I would have liked just a little bit more. The nutrition facts really make me smile: 160 calories, 4g fat, 590mg sodium, 27g carbs, 5g protein and 5g fiber. It also has Vitamins A and C, Iron, and Calcium. So healthy. I definitely prefer Shepherd’s Pie with meat, but this is a great vegan option. I’d give this meal 3.5 out 5 stars.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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