McDonald’s: Premium Crispy Chicken CBO Sandwich

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So here’s the deal: McDonald’s has a new sandwich.  It’s not even a sandwich, it’s a line of sandwiches.  They have three variations on this and they actually look pretty good.  The weird thing is the name.

The sandwich in question is the CBO.  Now, CBO is a weird name for a sandwich, right?  It stands for Cheddar, Bacon, and Onion.  Those are the three components of the sandwich that don’t change.  You can get this on a burger, on a grilled chicken sandwich, or on a crispy chicken sandwich.

The one we are focusing on today is the Crispy Chicken CBO thanks to Marissa.  Is it a good sandwich?  Or is this one of the many that will end up in the graveyard of failed McDonald’s products.  Click that link to see exactly what I’m talking about.  Let’s find out just how good, or bad, the CBO is.

Well hello, hello.  I like the look of this.  I want it immediately.  Of course THAT version of the sandwich probably doesn’t exist, let’s not kid ourselves.  The first thing on this sandwich that stands out to me is the onions.  I’m not sure if they’re sautéed or grilled, but they look different from the run of the mill chopped onions you would normally get on a McDonald’s burger.  The ‘C’ in CBO is white cheddar, which I think helps the sandwich to stand out amongst a sea of regular ol’ yellow cheese on burgers.  Nice touch.  The chicken looks plump and golden brown, exactly how you’d like to have your friend chicken.  Did they manage to make it work for the real product?  Let’s find out!

The actual sandwich leaves a lot to be desired compared to the advert, but what do you expect?  They throw these together in a rush to get them out the window and get you back on the road.  Sad, but true.  Not even really sad, just true.  There’s quite a bit more sauce on the sandwich than the first picture would lead you to expect.  There also seem to be fewer onions, which is unfortunate as that’s what stood out to me most.  The onions that are there seem to be swimming in sauce.

All of that said, this looks pretty good for a McDonald’s sandwich.  The white cheddar, as expected, stands out.  The piece of chicken actually looks bigger than in the advert photo which is always welcome.  Even the bacon seems nicer than most fast food burgers.  All too often you get the overly flat bacon that reminds me of that pre-cooked bacon you can buy at the store.  This doesn’t seem to be that and I dig it.  And the bun, I can’t forget the bun.  For some reason whenever I get specialty sandwiches with fancy buns from fast food places I often times am not given the proper bun.  But they come through with the bun here.  Good work, guys.  But what did Marissa think?

I was a little trepidatious to try a new McDonald’s sandwich. But it just looked SO good in the commercials. I was happy to find out I didn’t have to get the C.B.O. (Cheddar, Bacon, Onion) as a burger, but could get chicken. Whew! Now I’m less scared! The sandwich was well put together and everything looked good. I wish the cheese was a little more melty, but that’s what happens. I guess melty cheese would have meant it was sitting there longer, so this is a good alternative. Whatever the sauce is that is on it, definitely has a kick to it and is a lot spicier than I thought it would be. The onions are yummy and not at all the greasy, gloppy mess that I was anticipating. The Crispy chicken adds a nice texture, but I might get it again with grilled to try to save a few calories. After eating the whole thing, I still have no idea what the sauce is. Something horseradishy or mustardy or something. I’d definitely get it again. It was really good for a McDonald’s sandwich and pretty good as a sandwich.

Update…when I got to a computer to write this up, I checked the McDonald’s site. No mention of sauce. It’s in the picture, but I still have no idea what it is since it doesn’t list it as being on the sandwich.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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