Amy’s: Tofu Scramble

It’s just about Halloween, Thanksgiving isn’t far behind, and then comes Christmas and New Year’s.  We’re arrived, ladies and gentleman.  It’s the crappy eating season.  The time of year where we have holidays based around candy and delicious foods, a time of year where being gluttonous is quite alright.

Luckily we’ve got Christen here to keep us a bit on the straight and narrow.  Might as well eat good and healthy while we can, right?  Today she’s checking in with a review of the Tofu Scramble from Amy’s.  It’s all natural, it’s organic, it’s gluten and dairy free.  It also packs a good 22 grams of protein.  Not a bad lunch at all.  Let’s check it out!

It’s essentially a vegan breakfast.  And yes, it is Vegan.  I did a quick check of the website to verify.  Amy’s makes quality frozen vegan meals.  This one looks no different.  I am always a little unsure of tofu.  It’s good sometimes, not so good other times.  Here it’s taking the place of the eggs.

It just looks like a nice scramble dish you might make at home on a lazy Saturday morning.  The tomato slices on the side are a nice touch.  What does it actually look like?

Not far off, really.  The big difference is the tomatoes.  While on the box they look like fresh-cut tomatoes, these have obviously been frozen and reheated.  Still, having them in the meal is a really nice addition to a meal.  The meal probably would have been just fine without them, so adding them in is a cool bonus.

The rest of it looks pretty good, exactly what I would expect.  A scramble of tofu and veggies with some hash browns on the side.  Not bad for a breakfast, or in Christen’s case a lunch.  But what did she think of it?

Today for lunch I had Amy’s Tofu Scramble. I have to say, it was a lot better than I was expecting. The tofu really did have a scrambled egg kind of texture — it wasn’t too spongy. I’m not a big tofu person, but I will try it from time to time. I’ve had other Amy’s meals made with tofu that I didn’t really care for. This was much better. I loved the flavor of everything. The scramble also had spinach, carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, and onions. On the side, it had hash browned potatoes and slices of tomato. I loved the sides, too. The hash browns weren’t crispy since they were cooked in a microwave, but they weren’t soggy or mushy either. The whole meal cooked really well, in my opinion. This meal had

320 calories, 19g fat, 590mg sodium, 19g carbs, and 22g protein. The fat content is on the high side for healthy frozen meals, but look at the protein. Also, the ingredients include extra virgin olive oil, so I bet we can safely assume that most of the fat in this meal is healthier than other frozen meals with a fat content around 19g. This Amy’s meal is certified organic, kosher, vegan, contains no dairy or lactose, no corn, no gluten, no preservatives, no trans fat, and no MSG. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. I have zero complaints.

Rating: ★★★★★

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