Jimmy Dean: Delights Turkey Sausage Quesadilla

Time for breakfast!  Which, around here, usually means time for a review from Marissa!  She's our go to for most breakfast meals and this one is no different!  Today she's reviewing Jimmy Dean's Turkey Sausage Quesadilla.  This one is packed with turkey sausage (of course), egg whites, and cheese.

We have had our fair share of quesadilla reviews on the site, but this is the first one that doubles as a breakfast.  Luckily we have a pretty great track record with Jimmy Dean breakfasts, so this one has a shot of being good.  To decide one way or the other though, we have to get into the good stuff.  So let's check out the box.

Yeah, I'm ready to declare this box a winner.  It looks freaking great.  However, I'm biased.  The breakfast burrito may be one of my absolute most perfect foods.  Something about mixing breakfast foods inside of a tortilla is just delicious.  This extends to quesadillas.  They are just like flat, grilled burritos.  Not like Taco Bell's weird grilled burrito.  That thing was a trip.  Closer, kind of, to the Taco Bell Flatbread Sandwiches we reviewed here on the site.  Except flatbread is way too thick.  For a quesadilla you just need a good, old flour tortilla

This looks jam packed with sausage, eggs, and cheese.  I'll be honest, that's all I want in the world.  Breakfast food is my best friend and mixing those things together makes for a heck of a good time.  The tortilla seems to be grilled.  I'm sure it's just made to look that way, but it's still pretty awesome.  I wonder what the real deal looks like.

Well, well, well!  This one actually looks practically exactly like the box!  This is an awesome surprise!  I see a good mix of egg and sausage.  It's a little hard to distinguish the cheese, but I have to assume it's in there.  For this one it looks like Jimmy Dean really did a good job of portraying the actual meal on the box!  However the taste is an antirely different affair.  It can look as awesome as can be, but if it isn't Tasty?  It's a LIE!  See that?  Site Name Wordplay.  You're right, it was terrible.  Anyways, let's see what Marissa thinks about this one.

I LOVE finding new breakfast things to try out and this one sounds great! I really enjoy the other Jimmy Dean D'Light breakfast offerings so I have high hopes for this one. There's 2 servings in one box which often means the servings are pretty small. These seem to be acceptable though. The tortilla got a little crunchy or chewy around some edges, but that's to be expected. But how does it taste? It doesn't. This is the most bland breakfast food with meat I have EVER eaten. I was going to bring my extra Taco Bell sauce in this morning and I really wish I had. I even tried just eating a piece of the sausage and there is almost no flavor. I'm really disappointed in you Mr. Dean.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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