Michelina’s: Macaroni & Cheese Bake

Middle of the week, halfway to the weekend.  It’s cold outside, so why not post a bit of comfort food?  I’ve been holding onto this one for a while because there have simply been better things to post.  But every meal gets eaten by someone, and we all love macaroni and cheese, so here we go!

It’s real because it says ‘AUTHENTICO.’  It looks like a nice little plate of mac and cheese with bread crumbs on top for a little bit of a different texture.  I dig it.  Looks VERY cheesy, which is a great thing because cheese rocks.  Let’s see the real deal…

Not as much cheese sauce as I’d hoped.  Even after stirring it up, some of the macaroni was still bare.  Bummer.  I like the amount of bread crumbs on the dish because it really DOES add a nice texture.  Some of the pasta was a little too chewy (especially the pasta that the sauce doesn’t get to), but for the most part it was well-cooked.  And it tasted pretty great too, awesome for a one dollar meal!  It would be great with just a little more cheese sauce.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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