Michelina’s: Swedish Meatballs

It’s a Swedish BATTLE ROYALE!  Swedish Meatballs have something of a decent reputation here at Tasty Lies.  The ones that have been reviewed have been reviewed pretty well!  Maybe Swedish Meatballs are the frozen meal that works out.  Maybe there is hope in the world.  Maybe it’s because there’s no tomato sauce.  But it’s got to be put to a real test.  I am throwing down the Swedish Meatball GAUNTLET!  MICHELINA’S.  ONE DOLLAR MEAL.  Let’s do this.

It doesn’t look as exciting as the others we’ve reviewed. Smaller meatballs, more pasta.  The sauce doesn’t look as creamy.  But most of that is to be expected, as it’s a budget meal.  It doesn’t look half bad though.  What’s it really look like?

Well, some of the sauce did burn in the corner…But outside of that it’s not too bad.  The sauce is creamier than I expected, the meatballs are smaller, but have a decent taste, and the pasta was cooked pretty well.  The taste is better than I expected.  I like it, a lot better than you’d expect from a one dollar meal.  Good on them.  It’s not as tasty or big as the Smart Ones or Stouffer meals, naturally, but it’s not intended to be.  That’s why it’s a third of the cost.  In a pinch, you could do a lot worse!

Rating: ★★★½☆


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