Michelina’s: Beef & Peppers

I love beef and I love peppers.  Why wouldn’t I love beef AND peppers?  That’s the question behind today’s Tasty Lie, straight from Michelina’s.  They make a lot of strange combination at that company, such as Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon in it, or buffalo-chicken flavored pizza rolls.  However the weird combos seem to work for them.  This combo, however, isn’t so weird.  Maybe normal is their kryptonite?  It could happen right?

TASTE BEYOND WORDS the box exclaims.  That’s gotta’ be a good sign.  Unless the words the taste happens to beyond are “awful” or “hot garbage.”  But let’s not jump to crazy conclusions.  This looks decent.  And so simple.  Just some white rice with strips of beef (almost fajita-stripe strips of beef), some bell peppers, and a red sauce of some sort.  Could be awesome.  COULD be a lot of things.

The colors are way off and some of the sauce burned to the side.  There’s a lot more beef than I’d expected, but fewer peppers.  However, it tasted pretty good.  The sauce had a nice spice to it and while there aren’t a ton of them  the bell peppers are pretty tasty.  The beef was a little chewy, but it was not tough, like I expected.  For a dollar, this meal delivered.

Rating: ★★★½☆


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