Taco Bell: Cantina Tacos

Coworker Marissa is doing the Lord’s work.  Yesterday she went to Taco Bell to get something I didn’t even know existed.  Did you know Taco Bell is attempting to make proper tacos now  Go figure.  So says the press release:

“Our Cantina Tacos are based upon authentic-style Mexican street tacos, which are designed using simple, fresh ingredients, that customers regard as high quality,” said David Ovens, Chief Marketing Officer, Taco Bell Corp., Irvine, Calif. “Not only are they a great-tasting addition to our menu, and one that was mainly found in Mexican-style restaurants, but they’re also a great value that we know our customers love from Taco Bell. Great taste AND great value, now that’s a deal!”

Those look like a VERSION of the tacos I love so much.  You see, tacos are one of my top 5 favorite foods.  I love them.  And coming from California, a place with a fairly large Hispanic population, I’ve had all kinds of tacos.  It looks like Taco Bell is sort of trying to replicate a good street taco from Mexico.  Or a taco you’d find on your run of the mill taco truck.  Both awesome things, but let’s be honest…This is Taco Bell.  Let’s see how they turned out.

They’re obviously a lot leaner, meat-wise, than advertised.  Which is fine if done right.  I like the cilantro and onions, nice touch.  Marissa had two of them, chicken and carnitas.  She said the carnitas was the better of the two and had a much nicer flavor.  The lime wedge made all the difference…Which makes sense as the lime always makes food better.  She says if Taco Bell is where you’re headed, these are a good choice.  I have to say I’m definitely going to try these myself.  The one thing I have a serious issue with is the price.  #1.69 for a taco is ridiculous.  These should be a buck at most.  Come on, Taco Bell.  Get with the program.

CoWorker Christen also gave them a shot.  Here’s what she had to say.

I tried the pork one and it was pretty tasty – lots of onion, cilantro and lime flavor which some people might not like, but the pork was flavorful too.  I also put some mild sauce on it.  It wasn’t really even greasy, which kinda surprised me.  I’m afraid the chix or steak would be a little bland coming from Taco Bell.  I’d say its worth trying but if it was a regular menu item, the price should definitely be lowered.  Also, there probably should be a little more meat on them. (The picture multiplies the actual amount of meat at least twice, maybe even 3x – I’d say that’s the only lie here.)

Rating: ★★★☆☆


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