Tasty Lie #200! McDonald’s: McLobster & Filet O Fish

2oo Tasty Lies.  That's pretty insane.  We've come a long way since the very first Tasty Lie over a year ago.  And I'm really happy with where the site has gone so far.  You might remember Tasty Lie 100, the illustrious DOUBLE DOWN SANDWICH.  So I had to do something special for 200.  200 is a big number.  200 individual frozen/take out meals is quite an undertaking and not something I could have done alone.  So I have to thank those who have helped.  The biggest contributors to the site have been my coworkers Marissa, Heidi, Christen, Derek, and Macey.

I knew topping the Double Down would be difficult, but I had to do something special.  Then I thought "There's one fast food sandwich I've been curious about but have NEVER had the opportunity to try."  What sandwich is that?  Well…  Chances are you've never seen it because the McLobster sandwich is not available in the United States.  It's only sold during a certain time of year in our neighbor to the north, Canada.  Specifically Atlantic Canada.  Thus Atlantic Canadian Lobster. (I've since been informed it's sold seasonally in parts of New England.) You might be asking yourself "That's great, but why talk about a sandwich you can't actually test out?"  Well the answer is simple, I DID test it out.  I went to Canada specifically to try this sandwich.  Now, that's not true at all.  I really went there on a vacation and to see a concert.  (U2 and Arcade Fire, best concert I've ever seen).  But while I was there I decided NOW is the time.  And the McLobster will be mine.  So let's check it out!

There she is in all of her glory.  The McLobster.  Now, I don't consider myself a lobster aficionado by any stretch of the imagination.  I don't even know that I've ever had GOOD lobster, but this is going to be a whole new ballgame.  First and foremost, check the sandwich out.  It's obviously served in a hotdog bun.  It looks like chunks of lobster meat on a bed of lettuce in the bun.  Not too bad, right? This could be a really decent sandwich.  And if it is, McDonald's REALLY needs to get to selling these everywhere.  Start a weird lobster craze!  But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's look at the real product.

Well…That's different.  This makes it looks a lot more like a sort of lobster salad with lettuce, than simply lobster and lettuce.  It also looks like a real mess.  The majority of the lobster is shifted over to one side, leaving one end of the bun bare.  Just…Doesn't look a lot like the picture.  Then again, there seems to be a good amount of lobster in it, which should be a good thing.

Sadly…it's time to review the taste.  I took my first bite and got really bummed out.  First and foremost, the texture.  It's insanely rubbery.  Way more rubbery than any food should be and I was a little surprised by that.  Just strange.  The taste wasn't that of lobster.  It was more that of fish gone bad.  It was so awful I could barely choke any of it down.  People can't actually enjoy this version of lobster.  Just to make sure I wasn't crazy, I had someone who loves lobster and has it far more often than I ever will try it out.  I asked him to rate it on a scale of ten.  He gave it maybe a 1.  He had the same problems I did.  SUPER rubbery and tasted like old fish.  I KNEW I wasn't crazy.  Then there's the bun it's on.  You'd think the least they could do is give me a decent hotdog bun, but no.  The bun they gave me was an old bun that was falling apart and fairly stale.  What a bummer.  This was one of the worst things I've ever tasted.  Period.  In fact, this is all I could eat:

Just atrocious.  NEVER eat this sandwich.  I don't care where in the world you are, there ARE better options.  So eat those instead or you will regret it forever.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

I can't leave you like that.  I just can't. Such a sad review.  What a letdown this sandwich was…  And that's not what you deserve for the 200th Tasty Lie!  No!  So I'm tacking on an EXTRA review.  200?  2 Reviews in one!  See, just in case I didn't like the McLobster, I picked up a backup sandwich.  And that's what I'm giving you now, I present…At long last…ANOTHER McDonald's seafood offering.  The Filet O Fish sandwich!

It's such a simple sandwich.  Breaded fish fillet, cheese, tartar sauce.  McDonald's had been making this sandwich for a long time.  I remember it on the menu throughout my childhood.  Wikipedia says it was invented in 1962.  That's a long time for a non-hamburger to last on a hamburger chain's menu.  And for good reason, looking at this picture?  That's a pretty good looking sandwich, isn't it?  Let's look at the reality…

It looks pretty straight forward.  Again, it's a simple sandwich to make…So it should be pretty hard to screw up.  You can't see it but there IS tartar sauce in there.  And a good amount of it.

I'm, personally, a fan of this sandwich.  In fact it might be my favorite sandwich McDonald's has.  Then again, I love fish, so you kind of expect it.  Is it the best quality fish sandwich you'll find on the planet?  Of course not, it's McDonald's.  But it's a pretty rad little sandwich.  The tartar sauce is always a welcome taste.  The buns always seem slightly toasted to add a tiny bit of crunch.  The fish is good, the cheese is good.  My only wish is that it were a little bigger and maybe a little cheaper.  It's usually 3-4 bucks which is fine…

But I really wish it were cheaper.  If you haven't had this sandwich, just pick it up and give it a try.  You might have found a new favorite.

Rating: ★★★★½

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