Red Baron: Meat-Trio Pizza By The Slice

I apologize for noting earlier that the last entry would have been the 200th Tasty Lie.  After looking back I realized I’d counted wrong.  This is actually 199, so 200 will be popping up on Monday.  I’m hoping you’ll enjoy it.  I know you’ll enjoy this, why?  Because only crazy people don’t love pizza.  GOD’S FOOD.  Yeah. My coworker Heidi loves pizza, don’t you Heidi?  And that’s why she submitted this, Tasty Lies #199.  Let’s check it out!

I love this idea.  Instead of just a tiny pizza, it looks like a couple slices.  In a perfect world it’s just taste like reheated pizza, right?  And I LOVE reheated pizza.  This this could be good.  My only wish is they hadn’t taken the lame pepperoni cutting route.  I don’t like on a frozen pizza when a pepperoni is cut into quarters or thirds.  Never have I ordered a pizza where that’s the case and it detracts from the presentation.  NOT COOL.  But let’s check it out…

Wowza, this thing looks greasy.  I wouldn’t say it looks like reheated pizza, but I also wouldn’t say it looks bad.  Just REALLY greasy and kind of a mess.  But that’s just me.  What did Heidi think?

Remember Shakeys Pizza? I do and it was by far my favorite pizza ever. Although I was afraid of the balloon man and would hide under the table from him.   This is a very close second I think.  Red Baron is really good pizza so seeing that you could buy slices of them was intriguing.  This is awesome and the slices are HUGE and I brought the meat trio one into work cuz I think I need the protein really bad.  Simple to prepare, good toppings and not soggy crust, however the sodium is through the roof. I am thirsty just thinking about it. But it is good.  I do like the Lean Cuisines and Home Runs pizza but this is like real pizza to me and I love it.  Four Stars mostly because of the sodium intake.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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