Michelina’s: White Turkey In Cream Sauce With Pasta

Another Michelina’s meal for another day.  This one is labeled “Zap’ems” Gourmet.  Those two things don’t look like they belong on the same box.  Very strange.  But hey, dno’t look for the norm.  The norm costs at LEAST two bucks!

Turkey and pasta.  An AWESOME combination.  This looks kinda’ like a pasta salad, except hot.  Just pasta, some mixed veggies, a light cream sauce, and some chunks of turkey.  I literally like every single thing in this meal.  Hopefully it comes together in an okay way.  Let’s find out!

Doesn’t look quite the same.  The cream sauce looks heavier, there are far less veggies and turkey, and the corners are burned.  All that said, the taste was decent.  It wasn’t an amazing plate of pasta and turkey, but it was a good little meal.  That’s the problem…It’s a good LITTLE meal.  I’ve said before, you can’t expect much from a one dollar meal but dn’t expect this to be a filling lunch.

Rating: ★★½☆☆


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