Michelina’s: Macaroni & Cheese With Ham

Sometimes you don’t want to spend much money at all on a lunch, so while cruising the frozen aisle you may take a look at the SUPER cheap options.  Many of these come from one company, Michelina’s.  They have several different lines of food.  Gourmet, Lean, Authentic, etc.  All kinds of meals.  I picked up a few a couple weeks ago.  This one intrigued me.  It seemed like a good idea, but maybe a terrible idea.  Let’s check it out!

It’s essentially macaroni and cheese (Already a winner) with cubed ham in it (makes it questionable).  I’m not sure how the ham will work out.  I’ll be honest, it doesn’t really look all that good on the box.  They’d be better off with some bacon or something.  Ah well, let’s go inside!

Well, I’ll say this…It’s NOT cubed ham.  It’s actually a LOT closer to bacon…So that makes me happy.  And it was surprisingly cheesy.  There was a little burning around the edges, but not much.  In all it was cooked well and very tasty.  I will definitely pick this one up again.  It could be more filling, but for a dollar you really don’t lose.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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