Totino’s: Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

CoWorker Derek checks in with today’s Tasty Lie and it’s a bit of a departure from the norm.  I don’t know that these would classify as a meal, as much as an appetizer.  But it all works and I love these things, so I’m stoked.  Let’s go!

Oh pizza rolls.  My love affair with you started SO long ago.  They’re all so good.  Once upon a time pepperoni or cheese is all you could get.  Now they are all over the map.  Taco, cheeseburger, sausage, combo, all kinds of cheeses, and even buffalo chicken (Those come from Michelina’s lean gourmet and are my absolute FAVORITE).  Derek went traditional with some pepperoni pizza rolls and they look really awesome.  They look stuffed with pepperoni and cheese.  Pretty plump.  This meal has 15 of them.  Let’s check out how they actually look.

These look pretty greasy and soggy, but that’s bound to happen when you go the route of the microwave over the oven.  Any port in a storm, though.  They look really good and pretty much right on with the box.  The only real difference I can see are the divots in the rolls.  Strange, but hey…Still awesome.  GO DEREK!

I used to eat a lot of Pizza Rolls in college and it is no wonder why.  They’re quick, simple and tasty.  Just make sure to let them cool down for a few minutes before biting in.   You can’t fully enjoy with a burnt mouth.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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