Healthy Choice: Chicken Red Pepper Alfredo Cafe Steamer

CoWorker Matt brings this meal to the table.  It’s another of those Cafe Steamer bowls from Healthy Choice and this one is right up my alley!  ALFREDO!

This meal looks pretty great, I have to say.  I dig all of the ingredients.  It looks put together well, and what we’ve learned from most of the steamers bowls is that they go easy on the sauce.  Which is nice.  Why overdo it?  Let’s check it out…

Take a long look at that.  Pay attention to all aspects of it.  The chicken, especially.  The chicken on the box looks so excellent.  Instead you have weird bits of likely processed chicken.  Nothing looks as awesomely fresh as on the box, and to be honest…That’s a really small portion.  Even for a diet meal.  Color me unimpressed.

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