YAHOO! Challenge 5 – Amy’s: Vegetable Korma

It’s the grand finale of the Yahoo! Challenge!  And I have to say, my friends, today’s is a bit outside the box.  I’ve not picked up something like this before, and while I was scared at first…I’m stoked for this meal.

It’s a good looking Indian vegetarian dish.  Looks like a nice lunch.  What’s Yahoo! got to say?

Amy’s Indian Vegetable Korma (310 calories, 12 g fat per meal): Even carnivores chose this vitamin-rich veggie option over meals with meat, thanks to its robust and authentic flavor. Bring a little Bollywood to your table!

It looks pretty tasty on the box.  I’m not the biggest curry fan but I can get behind this meal.  The beauty of Amy’s is, supposedly, all of their foods are organically grown.  Awesome!  Let’s dig in!

Well, it certainly resembles the box.  However the beans resemble split pea soup (Thanks, Garbage Bird) and the curry part is just too saucy.  WAY too saucy.  It really messed up the whole meal.  The rice was great, the beans were watery, and the curry sauce (which wasn’t super awesome to begin with) is laid too heavily on the veggies.  Amy really missed the mark with this one, unfortunately.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

The tally at the end of the challenge?  Yahoo! is 3 for 5.  Three meals are worth picking up.  They are:

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