Smart Ones: Breakfast Quesadilla Review

My Coworker Christen had something I’ve been a bit curious about.  I love breakfast foods but avoid them most of the time because they seem to be pretty bad.  Because bacon, pancakes, eggs, potatoes, and such are all awesome.  However there are diet frozen meal versions of many breakfast dishes, including quesadillas!

This looks awesomely plentiful.  Breakfast foods are seriously the best ever.  My fear is the fact that these are 2-serving packages and each serving is 230 calories and 7 grams of fat.  The two servings per box meals are notoriously small, so I’m not hopeful of one serving being all that filling, but we’ll see.

These looks pretty similar to the box.  I would have been very surprised if they weren’t, though.  It’s not too hard to make a quesadilla look like a quesadilla.  I’m more curious about in inside, so let’s check it out.

There’s a surprising amount of vegetables in there that makes it seem pretty awesome!  It’s not the prettiest on the inside, but what do you expect from a scramble of eggs, cheese, chopped veggies, and turkey bacon?  I say this is a good thing.  I want to try this out.  What did Christen think?

My main motivation behind getting the Smart Ones Breakfast Quesadilla was not a quick tasty breakfast. It was an alternative protein source lunch. I hate most of the meat in frozen meals, so I thought this would be a better way to get some protein in my lunch. I feel like frozen meal meat is a high risk purchase. Frozen meal eggs? Not so much. No scary fat or gristle pieces… So… What did I think? The tortilla was a little bland and dry, which I expected. I wonder if a whole wheat tortilla would be a better substitute. Not for taste, but nutrition. The inside of the quesadilla was actually really tasty. Eggs don’t have a whole lot of flavor, but these did. One thing I thought was a little odd was that it says its just egg whites, but the egg part is yellow in color. Do they dye it?? Anyways, the cheese and peppers and turkey bacon were flavorful and really enjoyable also. The overall flavor exceeded my expectations. I ate both of the quesadillas, even though a serving is just one. It was lunch so I wanted more. I was really full from both of them. I would probably get this again, and I would rate it with 3.5 stars. The tortilla was definitely the downfall, but, really, what could be done to improve it? It’s a flour tortilla, frozen and reheated. Ya dig??

Rating: ★★★½☆


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